Pattaya Property Finder (Helpful Suggestions for foreigners)


Many good properties are not listed online. That’s why I published this article to help you reach rare properties by giving free access to thousands of real estate agents in Pattaya.

Finding a property in Pattaya may be a little messy and the reason is Thailand doesn’t have a centralized system like the MLS in the U.S. or elsewhere. This make buyer’s life difficult in finding good properties because the listings are scattered out all over the internet.

In this article I will share you a tip on how to get your hands on good deals, recommend the 2 most popular portal and help you connect to 1,000+ professional real estate agents in Pattaya.

I recommend using agents more than using any property finder because, once, the agents understand you and your needs. You wont have to do any work and it’s much faster, and yes, agents provide free service to buyers/renters.

First off, you must know why would you be wasting time searching Google. There are 2 kinds of websites you will see when you search on Google.

  1. Real Estate agents’ websites
  2. Online property finders or portals or marketplaces 

Real Estate Agents:

Individual real estate agent, usually, do not have all the listings in Pattaya. They know limited home owners and therefore will have only that much properties. So, when you contact anyone of them, you will get access to a limited selection of properties. This will cause you to lose or miss out on good deals simply because you didn’t know that better deals existed.

Therefore, you will need to contact many agents. This is also a problem because you will need to talk out your requirement to each and everyone of them and make them understand you, time and again. It consumes a lot of energy.  

Online Pattaya Property Finder: 

Property finders or portals are a better option because you will find a lot of properties from many agents. The problem with this is, approximately, only 30% of real estate agents in Thailand use property portals, the rest don’t. Along with those 70% that don’t use portals, the listings are also undiscovered.

Why don’t the agents not use portals? Because property portals are extremely expensive. Many are reluctant to pay such packages especially the smaller agents. And it’s not just that, agents have a better way of running their businesses. It’s called Co-Broking. Agents have their own network of agents where they share listings and help each other close deals. It’s free, reliable and faster to work. 

Another untold truth is, good properties are hard to find online. When an agent gets one, they quickly sell or rent out because most of these agents work as a network and each agent has their own clients and customer database, especially property investors who buy constantly. So, when good property deals come along, agents contact their investors directly.

As for the deals that fail to close, you will find them on property portals (of course, not all properties online are bad ones but good deals will get snapped up before they are posted online for sure.)


I’ll give you a quick way to help you access the remaining 70% of the agents so that you, too, can get good deals. But before that, here’s some property portals in Thailand that is reliable.

  1. DD Property
  2. Hipflat

So, here’s how it works. 

Let the system shoot out your requirement to all 700 real estate agents in Pattaya. Just type in your requirement, and you will see multiple professional agents connecting to you in a few hours if not minutes. Don’t believe us?Try it! 

You will get more response if you provide more details.